click over here Maximum Input Levels
MIC level (LO gain) +10dBu
MIC level (HI gain) -20dBu
LINE level: +14dBu

here Output Level: -26dBu at 0dB on the VU meter

donde conocer mujeres en alaior Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz (+/- 0.5dB)

quiero conocer chicas de la secuita THD: Less than 0.01% @ 1kHz, -30dBu input

S/N Ratio: 85dB @ 1Khz, -30dBu input

Gain: LO 0dB, HI +30dB

Phantom Power: Dual regulated 12 or 48 volt power supplies Current to 14mA (direct short)

VU meter:-18 to +3dB in 3dB increments

Batterie: One 9 volt alkaline o batterie al litio

Dimensioni: (L x W x H) 152 mm x 95 mm x 44 mm

Peso: Adapter  (0.51 kg), Rod Mount 8 oz (0.23 kg)

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