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Who we are

Netlords is a Communication Company video oriented, with high skills in Content Production, Hardware and software configuration and consulting.

Founded in 2008, based in Rome, Italy, the Company works in a large array of professionals, companies, individuals worldwide, operating in every content providing scenario: its skills in industrial documentation, technical tutorials and backstages allows the company to be known and used by principal mainstream companies and industries.

A wide group of figures, teams and a well proven system of network people around the world makes Netlords a little but affordable company in Europe, Asia and North America.

Why work with us

Since 2012 Video business has become wide, social based, like-oriented: phone source, direct distribution, web platform a social share.
Pratically every single smartphone owner became a “videomaker”, offering a wide range of possibilities, options, prices and obviously…discouragement of the prices: unfortunately, the results have been unremarkable, lowering the technical level, the language, the beauty of communication work.
We’re not videomakers. We are producers.

  • Custom Production Process
  • State of The Art Equipment and Staff
  • Custom Consultant for every Company
  • Constant Tecnology and language upgrade
  • Smart Team Working (we did it since 2009, before pandemic)

Our experience

Video Production - 18 years
Web & Social Communication - 15 years
Hardware and Sofware Infrastructure
Live Streaming Events Management - 5 years
Digital Service - Video Equipment Rental

About Founder


Francesco Fedele

Founder, Digital Editing Supervisor

Email: info@netlords.it
Skype: francesco.fedele

Fond of Architecture, Design, Visual Art, Cinema and Technology: He founded his first Company in 2003 and, in 2008 he seconded the video Production Unit making Netlords Srl, in Rome, Italy.
Documentarist, Video Editor and very keen supporter of Communication skills through video, he is Technological Advisor for many Companies, providing affordable solutions and consulting in Production Process.



Muse, co-founder,

Email: yoda@netlords.it

No, he’s not in the Netlords Board…but part of his way of life it’s in us. “Do or Do Not, there’s no Try” is the main concept leading our choices, and our professional concept: don’t try to achieve quality, just decide you want it.

Wide range Production services

Social Engagement

The same year it started in business, Netlords management focuses on social engagement and no-profit humanitarian activities.

The Company supports volunteer’s activities by providing ongoing personnel, equipment and knowledge to Organizations in Emergency Management Italian Agency (Protezione Civile): all crew, staff and operators train volunteers in Communication, technology and media production, providing professional skills, equipment and digital supplies for every activity.

Benefits Of Working With Netlords

Pre Production

An accurate Process made of analisys, project, research totally custom based, by copy crew that scans for your target and calibrates offers and producton process: This reduces risk and time, providing the best result.

Operator's Network Array

Netlords features a wide and varied group of partners, operators, companies and teams to ensure the best quality of available resources  to its clients: the production crew is arranged by client’s needs, providing the highest professional expertise for the specific target required.

White, grey and black hairs

Due to the network based company form, it’s possibile to combine the multigenerational skills in Communication Sector: since film to digital, since paper to Vritual Reality, since Tv to web, every language can find the right Advisor and perfect operative crew.

Never Still Company

Grew in Communication sector and in third millenium, our Company never sleeps and increases its skills, recources, technologies and scopes every day: content, delivery, message, format, language, style, every aspect evolve and creates the best offer for our clients.