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What We Do

Pre Production

Company  team is ready to study, outline, or develop and write scripts to give you choices and directions to your project. Prepared to begin location scouting, casting or voice over actors, art direction, makeup concepts, and provide the best choices on shooting formats.


We can provide camera and lighting options, shooting from DSLR to digital cinema cameras  up to 12K: different studio spaces, build sets, or set up in the location you choose. We select Our directors and cinematographers or videomakers and documentarists, from the quickest interview to multi-day shoots in different locations.

Post Production

Post-production professionals work hard to refine and shape your vision. We bring your footage into our post-production suite, through the editing process: your editor will be thoroughly immersed in your project, your feedback is considered invaluable: Picture editing, color correction, syncing sound, music licensing, preparation for broadcast or web.

  • Video/Audio Editing Service
  • Sound Design/Voiceover Recording
  • Soundtrack Music Composition
  • Special Effects/VFX/3D Animation
  • Trailers
  • Graphic Design
  • DVD authoring/Multilingual/Subtitles

Digital Service

Professional Cine Equipment Rental